During this 4th edition of It3D Summit, specialists together with future users will discuss the uses of virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive and collaborative 3D, in an industrial context.

Two major themes will be highlighted: construction and BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the Factory of the future, focused on the place of the human in the industry.

Beyond technologies, the uses of 3D in industrial environments continue to develop and revolutionize the ergonomics of workstations, as well as improving maintenance, sales support, remote collaboration or training, thus favoring innovation.

Several industrial experts will come to share their proven experiences of these new uses and their human, industrial and financial impacts: an opportunity to trigger constructive discussions between current and future users, to learn quickly and further progress in the use of 3D, virtual, mixed and augmented reality.

Program details

As a kick-off of this 4th edition, it3D Summit immerses you directly in its mindset and its ecosystem by offering you an inspirational speaker, as he will help your perspective to take height as well as seeing your challenges under a new angle, to develop new ideas, to emerge new projects, to project yourself in the major prospective related to innovation and the digital transformation of industries.

Discover the testimonials of industrial actors using immersive and collaborative 3D solutions on a daily basis, understand their aims, methodology and the way they obtain concrete results improving the performance of their company.

Round tables with the purpose of sharing different approaches and perspectives, discussing the differences amongst use cases and or points of view based on each contributor’s field, and comparing the advantages of various methods.

‘Inspirience the 3D’ is an opportunity to test technological solutions and innovative uses at “life-size”. it3D Summit and its partners are setting up a 1500m² showroom and are inviting you to discover:

• 3D visualization and interaction devices

• Immersive and collaborative 3D work environments

• New tools tested and validated by our experts

• Breath-taking demonstrations!

You can immerse yourself, test, imagine, transpose new applications for your business through the demonstrations available in the main room, as well as discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions based on the use cases relevant to you.

Some examples

All the demonstrations will shortly be announced.

Several new products will be announced on during this 4th edition! Don’t miss out!

Exhibitors and technological partners

Barco / HP / Immersion / NVidia / Shariiing

For beginners

Your company is eager to start its digital transformation and you oversee its implementation?

You certainly have questions about how to adopt these new methods and the implementation of these new tools, with all the financial and human challenges it brings… Where should you start?

These workshops are an opportunity to ask your questions to experts listening to your projects.

For experts

Your company has already adopted AR, VR and MR for several years. Convinced by the ROI and ROE obtained, you are integrating these technologies into the different levels of services in your industry and you want to deepen certain aspects. Those workshops are dedicated to you and will help you reaching your goals.

The workshops are intended to be a time for proactive discussions in small groups.

It3D Summit involves genuine and gourmet moments. This network made of men and women with deep humanistic values, ensure that People are the center of their concerns, so that technology is used by them, for them.

Through these casual moments, it3D Summit leads you to share more and build relationships. You will be led through the city in order for you to enjoy all of its best aspects to the furthest. 

All in all, to live the moment!