Roundtable Comparative Looks : “How to disseminate and promote the adoption of AR and VR within SMEs and midcaps?”

Thursday 13th of June, 10:15 – 11:15 (Jean Touton Amphitheater )


This round table will evoke through the testimonies of these speakers several aspects: How the uses of RA and VR applied to the industry revolutionize the trades and participate fully in the evolution of the industries? How are SMEs and midcaps becoming more aware of this through institutions, professional federations? How are these new methodologies adopted, disseminated and what are the benefits? what are the difficulties and how to deal with them? etc…



Mrs. Cécile Bourderionnet, CEO | Communauté d’Agglomération du Grand Guéret – Pôle Domotique et Santé de Guéret

After an initial training in applied arts and philosophy (master I), Cécile Bourderionnet has become the Head of the Home Automation and Health Department attached to the Community of Agglomeration of the Grand Guéret.  Since 2006, she has been a senior manager of the territorial civil service. As project manager on this file, she will present their new immersive simulator for the adaptation of the habitat set up in 2018. Her intervention will present the missions of the Home Automation and Health Pole that have recently evolved thanks to the new immersive virtual reality space.

These technologies were appropriate in the context of a territorial project, which focused on economic development and the need to use digital technology to encourage good practices in terms of use and decision support.



The Home Automation and Health Centre of Guéret, run and supported by the Community of Agglomeration of the Great Guéret, has for several years been aiming to make the ageing of the territory a breeding ground for future opportunities. To meet the economic challenges of tomorrow’s habitat, it provides professionals with an immersive virtual reality space with a library of products that promote home care. This demonstration and design tool dedicated to the adaptation of the habitat allows the preview and simulation of the developments, with different levels of interactivity.




 M. Frédéric Richard, Head of communication | Fédération Française de Carrosserie

Director of Communication of the FFC – Fédération Française de Carrosserie, Frédéric Richard is a former journalist and editor-in-chief of Automobiles et Poids lourds magazines. With a particular appetite for disruptive technologies and especially their applications in Industry, Frédéric Richard works for the digital transition of the members of the FFC and in this context has been a user of Immersion solutions for two years.





The FFC – Fédération Française de Carrosserie is the only professional organization that brings together both upstream and downstream of the Function. A peripheral vision that has enabled it to become the reference point for public authorities on all matters relating to industrial vehicles.

The FFC brings together three branches, manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and automotive service professionals. Its daily mission is to represent, defend and support members through numerous value-added services.

The FFC is also organising its own events, with SOLUTRANS, the International Road and Urban Transport Solutions Fair, owned by the FFC and EQUIP AUTO, the International AftermarketAutomotive Sales and Mobility Services, of which is co-owner.


M.Jean Fone Tchoura, General manager | Technopôle Domolandes


DOMOLANDES is a Technopole dedicated to the construction industry located in Aquitaine, in the Department of Landes (20 mns Hossegor, 30 mns Biarritz). Its mission is to promote the economic and technological development of those involved in this sector by acting on two levers: the “sustainable” and “digital” transition of companies.

The DOMOLANDES Technopole is: – 20 on-site companies: innovative start-ups, design offices, traditional companies wishing to integrate the «sustainable» in their development…- The Virtual Construction Space, a unique place in France dedicated to the digital transition of companies in the construction & eco-construction sector: virtual reality room, digital model, tools and software BIM… – The organisation of the National Contest for the creation of a sustainable construction enterprise – The animation of the C.L.E Network, an Eco-construction Finnish Cluster, bringing together 60 institutional, technical and business actors from the Department of Landes.


Other stakeholders involved in industry adoption and dissemination (currently being validated) will participate in this roundtable.