Inspirience the 3D

Inspirience is an English neologism derived from the contraction of the words ‘inspiring’ and ‘experience’. An inspirience is by definition an inspiring experience, offering participants a rich and surprising feedback. Inspirience the 3D leads professionals into updating their habits regarding Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality and giving them the keys to go further in their processes. Such is the philosophy of inspirience the 3D, that we wish to breathe through the it3D Summit event!

During 2 days, discuss and discover collaborative & immersive 3D technologies, dedicated to the industry.

A dense program made of various opportunities: efficient, short and friendly, based on sharing user experiences, good practices, and aiming at finding solutions to your challenges as well as financial expectations.

Inspiring encounters

It3D Summit is the opportunity to meet the professionals that matter and to discuss concrete applications in a friendly atmosphere.

it3D Summit exclusively gathers professionals either expert or new users of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality in and industrial context. The event’s aim is to share the best practices to increase efficiency and improve the performance of your companies. Participating leads you to build a sustainable network of counterparts and specialists, as well as benefiting from mutual enrichment around these 3D and collaborative solutions and the potential they have.

Why attend?

Discover. Refine.

Whether you are an expert or a newcomer, it3D Summit gives you the different keys to discover, understand and integrate these technologies as well as deepen their implementation in your industry. This professional event was built with the aim of providing concrete answers to the problems encountered today by industrials using 3D or eager to adopt it in their processes soon. To cover a broad range of topics and challenges, the program is structured around the following formats: user testimonials, workshops, the sharing of expertise of professionals in the field, round tables and demonstrations.

Highlights: the reception on Wednesday evening furthering your daytime discussions in a pleasant place and warming 

Program details

Accelerated growth

It3D Summit has a catalyst effect. Find new ideas or accelerate the development of your current projects.

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