Digital acceleration applied to product engineering

Thursday 13th of June, 09:15 – 09:45 am (Jean Touton Amphitheater | “Scattering and Deployment”


Stéphane Régnier, Expert, Virtual Mockup engineering and design, in his talk will address the industrial use of digital mockup with virtual reality at Renault, in the scope of new vehicle design at product engineering department, through innovative processus, methods and tools which lead to better performance.


Mr Stéphane Régnier,  Expert, Virtual Mockup engineering and design | RENAULT


Stéphane Régnier is currently Expert Virtual Mockup for Engineering and Design departments at Renault. He received a computer engineer’s degree from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées in Lyon, in 1990.

He has been involved in various visualization software developments, simulation tools, and Virtual Reality, since the early 90’s, in various departments at Renault: R&D, Style, Engineering. He has managed several R&D teams, and has a large experience of Virtual Reality, immersive systems and 3D visualization solutions.

He has in charge the transversal animation, the vision, the roadmaps of virtual mockup methods and tools, among them VR and AR.





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